I’ve always wanted to do an album where I could contribute my own ideas and style to the music, lyrics and production. I really had the chance to do that with my up-coming album ‘The Way We Are.’ That’s why this particular project means so much to me; everything on it comes from the heart. The heart is a beautiful place to look... It’s where you find truth and soul. To be able to express that through music has got to be the greatest gift I have ever been given. This project was made on friendship, faith and favors. So thank you everyone for making this dream possible, I couldn’t have done it without you all.”        - Shi                                                       

Also available: ‘Rejoice’ scheduled for release in May 2009 and ‘Faith Of A Little Child’ recorded when she was only eight years old. Shiloh-Sheray and her cousin Marquise also released an album in 2006.. Shiloh-Sheray's compositions were also featured on 'The House Of Elliot' compilation album, the same year recording and performing with 'The Surf Sisters,' and appearing on their album released in late 2008.

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